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Thu 19

August 19 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm EDT

Free – $30

Braver Angels Debate: Military and National Service

Braver Angels

Location: Online

The idea of having Americans serve their country for a year or two has long been a topic of debate. Many people believe that doing a stint, either with the military or a national service organization like AmeriCorps, would foster a sense of cohesion and unity, similar to the shared sacrifice that bound together this country’s WWII generation.

Others have argued that not all Americans have the same obligation, and it would impose a very different burden on people with different backgrounds and situations.

With the problem of polarization so acute over the past several years, Americans are wondering if instituting a national service requirement might help to heal those rifts through shared experiences, or whether it would further divide us as a wedge issue.

On August 19th, Braver Angels will bring together an all-star panel of public figures — across the ideological spectrum — to debate this important issue, and the Resolution: “All Americans have a moral obligation to participate in either a military or national service program.”