TRUST Network


  • Engage Across Differences

Building a national cohesion and peacebuilding infrastructure for the US, starting with an Early Warning Early Response platform to prevent violence before, during and after the US 2020 elections.

The TRUST Network was founded in October 2020 in recognition of the rifts in our society and the harsh test to which our nation’s resiliency is being put.

In order to prevent violence, reduce division, strengthen our democracy, and address legacies of injustice, we are

  1. growing a network of collaboration across sectors in the fields of peacebuilding, social justice, and democracy work;

  2. establishing a first-of-its-kind citizen-run Early Warning Early Action infrastructure developed specifically for the United States;

  3. connecting international and national-level expertise and advocacy to local initiatives that are convened by community mediation and justice centers on the ground, so that communities are supported in generating and self-determining solutions to their long-standing problems (in keeping with the intent of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Section 10).



Washington D.C., DC, USA