Join America Talks: April 21 & 23

What is America Talks?

Sick of how divided America feels? America Talks is an online event where Americans of different backgrounds and beliefs are coming together to take our power back. It starts with a livestream and then you can go into a small group or one-to-one conversation to connect with people who also want to solve problems and generate ideas. Your input and ideas will be shared with Members of Congress.


How it works

1. Answer a few simple questions.  Tell us a bit about yourself by answering the registration questions.

2. Join the event. Follow the link in your email to join the virtual event.

3. Participate in the live stream. You’ll be introduced to a solutions-focused community of organizations and individuals working to bridge divides, and get some guidance for having a great conversation.

4. Have a conversation. You’ll enter a virtual breakout room with a partner or small group of people who answered some of the registration questions differently from you. We will provide tools, including a conversation guide, to help make it a great experience.

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