Election 2022: What Every Citizen Can Do

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Find a podcast, video, blog post, toolkit, app or more that lets you connect with making a better America.  The organizations offering these opportunities are built by, and welcome, Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike.  What they all have in common is a commitment to provide ways to come together again and strengthen our nation.  Check out our recommended options below, or use the search filters to find your path forward.  Discover what interests you, then click to get connected!


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The U.S. Economy

Network for Responsible Public Policy
The economy is in the news constantly. Unemployment is at the lowest rate in decades, yet, inflation is rearing its ugly head, and the Fed has stepped in to increase...

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Democracy in Danger Webcast

Team Democracy
Ken Powley, CEO and Co-Founder of Team Democracy, joins panelists Rachel Brown (CEO, ProjectOverZero) and Tascha Mounk (author, speaker, democracy expert) to discuss what’s ailing America’s democracy, and how to...

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The Conversation

Crossing Party Lines
Check out our podcast, “The Conversation,” to hear real Americans talking about the issues of the day. If you’re unable to attend one of our hosted conversations that give each...

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Statistical Analysis of US Hot Spot Cities

TRUST Network
This very thorough document provides critical data concerning major US cities that are prone to experience various forms of violence, derived from the Armed Conflict and Location Event Data (ACLED)...

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Difficult Conversation Simulator

Have you ever wished you could have difficult conversation do-over? Well, now you can! OpenMind’s Conversation Simulator teaches three science-backed strategies for navigating difficult conversations and enables you to practice...

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Climate Action And The Global Need For Energy

Common Ground Committee
Energy demands are rising. So are calls for climate action. Can we find a global solution? At a time of increasingly urgent calls for climate action, the world also faces...

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Race in America: A Free Dialogue Guide

Essential Partners
Informed by decades of experience, Race in America: A Dialogue Guide will provide a roadmap for you to lead courageous, constructive conversations about race in your community.

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Try a Policymaking Simulation and Make Your Voice Heard

Voice of the People
“At Voice of the People, we have developed dozens of policymaking simulations that put you in your elected officials’ shoes by simulating the process they go through in making policy...

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Defending Our Constitution and Elections: A Bipartisan Conversation

Issue One
Issue One CEO Nick Penniman and U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney discuss threats to the Constitution and future of American elections. Former Teton County Commissioner Paul Vogelheim and JH News &...

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How to Retain Your Sanity When Reading the News

The news we consume has made people turn on each other. With all the bias, distortion and propaganda, it can be extremely difficult to retain your sanity and keep your...