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Resisting Polarization in an Election Season: A Four-Part Curriculum

Essential Partners
The 2024 election cycle has begun. Each presidential campaign cycle seems to be more contentious than the last and this one is no different. We’re bracing for months of misleading...

We Need to Talk: Affective Polarization and Discussion

Network for Responsible Public Policy
In the talk, Professor Levendusky discusses the origins of affective polarization, the tendency of Democrats and Republicans to dislike and distrust one another. He will share strategies he has tested...

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How can you talk politics in a divided family?

Braver Angels
In this special episode, Mónica — a liberal — joins the two people she’s argued with most — her conservative parents — for a candid conversation about one family’s struggles...

My Political Autobiography: A Values Reflection Worksheet

Essential Partners
Partisan political campaigns tell us who to fear and who to trust, who to exclude and how to participate. They have defined the limits of what is possible in our...

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Conversations in Troubled Times

Living Room Conversations
Disruption, tragedy and conflict are part of our human story. Whether in our own backyard or internationally, deep histories of trauma and loss can make it difficult to speak about...

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Polarization and Political Violence: Rachel Kleinfeld

Common Ground Committee
Violent threats against members of Congress are up, and hate crimes have increased to the highest levels ever recorded. Fear is being used as a tool by both Republicans and...

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Media Literacy Toolkit

Mormon Women for Ethical Government
The founders of the United States knew an educated public would be key to the strength of a democratic republic. The creation of the First Amendment ensured citizens would have...

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Daily Democracy

Our easy to use nonpartisan app – learn more about the features – educates voters on important issues, when and where they can cast their vote, connects them with their elected...

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Reformation Series – Cover Down: A Conversation with Dr. Richard Barton – Unite America

Veterans for All Voters
In this Reformation Series, Todd Connor talks with Dr. Richard Barton, a Democracy Fellow at Unite America and a professor at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs....

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My Political Autobiography: A Student Workbook

Essential Partners
Talking about politics is difficult because politics is one of the ways we express what we really care about—our hopes, our values, our deepest concerns. Political beliefs are about our...