Citizen Connect is your nonpartisan doorway to civic action. We put the 600+ organizations – right, left and center – working to strengthen our democracy at your fingertips, so you can choose how to connect.


Welcome to Citizen Connect! We’re a non-partisan platform dedicated to one thing only – helping Americans like you find ways to heal our political divides and strengthen our democracy. We think the best way to do that is to make it easy for you to find the civic organizations and events that matter most to you.

Our What and Why in 90 Seconds

The organizations on this site were founded by people from all walks of life, political parties, races, identities, and religions. What they have in common is a conviction that America is stronger if we, the people, work together. It isn’t about agreeing on everything; it’s about finding what we can agree on and making it happen. This means that all the organizations on this site also share a set of core principles:


We treat one another with dignity and respect.


We value diverse perspectives and work to achieve balanced outcomes.


We use fact-based deliberation to find common ground and practical solutions.

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