• Civics, Democracy, and Civic Learning Week (With Elizabeth Clay Roy and Abbie Kaplan)

    What does civics education have to do with our moment of democratic crisis? How do we create citizens with a sense of agency over society?   Gabe Lerner, author of Democracy Notes, sat down with Abbie Kaplan and Elizabeth Clay Roy to discuss. Elizabeth Clay Roy⁠ is CEO of ⁠Generation Citizen⁠. ⁠Abbie Kaplan⁠ is Associate Director of Federal Policy at ⁠iCivics⁠.

  • The Daily Play

    The Daily Play is where we spend a few minutes disconnecting from the daily drama to imagine a preferred future. Neuroscience research has shown that spending as little as five minutes a day with awe and wonder (and imagining our preferred future) will help us make daily choices to create the future we want. What…

  • Terrified Nation podcast

    Are you concerned about the future of our country? Do you feel the urgency to act before it’s too late? Then “Terrified Nation” is the podcast for you. Join us as we delve into the critical issues that threaten our nation’s fabric, regardless of your political stance. This isn’t about doom and gloom; it’s about…

  • Political Hope Podcast Episode 092: Know Local & Act Local with Lindsey Washburn

    Join host Indy Rishi Singh and guest Lindsey Washburn as they discuss the importance of civic engagement, especially at the local level. Spotify Apple Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/…/092-know-local-act-local…/ Audible https://www.audible.com/pd/B0CNZMCNST

  • How can you talk politics in a divided family?

    In this special episode, Mónica — a liberal — joins the two people she’s argued with most — her conservative parents — for a candid conversation about one family’s struggles with a political divide that cuts right through their own home. Looking back on the biggest disagreements that tested their relationships, like Moni’s pro-choice stance…

  • When Populism and Democracy Collide

    Cas Mudde, one of the world’s leading experts in the study of populism and far-right politics, joins us this week to discuss the tensions between populism and democracy, and why populism has increased around the world in recent years.