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Mon 14

June 14, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

A Mindful Conversation About Conversations

BreakBread World

Location: Online

Conversation can be rich, delightful, dull, isolating, useless, and amazing. Whatever the flavor, we have numerous conversations every day across every facet of our lives. Yet, how often do we actually take the time to consciously inhabit our conversations? Let’s slow down and become aware of our attention, thoughts, and feelings while we have a conversation about conversations.

Mindful conversation is a transformational practice that involves becoming more present in the flow of conversation with others. It is a practice that brings us into a more fully embodied relationship with ourselves and others and helps us connect to our common humanity.

In this hour-long conversation with BreakBread Co-Founders Martha Williams and John Scilipote, we will briefly talk about what mindful conversation is but spend most of our time in conversation exploring some of the concepts.


About BreakBread World & The Facilitators

BreakBread World is a growing global community dedicated to reweaving our common humanity over mindful conversation while sharing in the intimate act of breaking bread together.

Our dream is focused on nurturing a new context where mind/body nourishment, deep listening, community, and personal and cultural inquiry trumps the compulsion to disconnect, lose ourselves in social media and junk news, and allow the marketplace to run our lives.

Martha Williams is a creative visionary, a process facilitator/inventor, and an interdisciplinary media director. She co-founded BreakBread World and its parent company, Culture Shift Agency. With a constant eye on culture during her 20+ working years she’s traversed many worlds including dance, writing/directing, film-making, multimedia art-making, sustainability, coaching/facilitation, and creative branding/media development all bridged by an irrepressible penchant for exploring and agitating the invisible personal and cultural fabric that binds us together. Constantly making and riding waves, Martha’s deep insight, passion for inquiry, and unbound imagination has set her vision on reweaving our common humanity for the generations to come.

John Scilipote is a process facilitator/inventor and lifelong entrepreneur. He’s co-founder of BreakBread World and its parent company, Culture Shift Agency, his resume includes running his own digital agency for 24 years, founding a record label, and touring as a performing musician. As a healer, poet, teacher, yogi John’s soulful complexity and know-how informs his business, facilitation, teaching, and whatever else he happens to be plunging into at any given moment. John’s vision is helping others awaken to realize a more integrated, collaborative, and sustainable future for all.