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Tue 15

June 15, 2021 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm EDT

BreakBread World Public Dinner

BreakBread World

Location: Online

Welcome! And please, pull up a chair.

BreakBread World is a global community reweaving our common humanity by breaking bread over Mindful Conversation.

BreakBread World Public Dinners are large-format dinners where those new to BreakBread are invited to join! Experience a quiet oasis where you show up as you are –– to listen, share, and connect, enjoying one another’s presence and company while exploring the evening’s thought-provoking prompt.

We will gather and spend the first few minutes arriving and transitioning from our busy days and quickly move into smaller more intimate “breakout dinners” for our conversations. We’ll reconvene at the end to reconnect, share and close as a community.


BreakBread Dinners Revolve Around a Prompt

Each dinner revolves around a carefully crafted prompt. Every gathering is different, every conversation unique. Sometimes it’s deep, sometimes it’s light, it’s almost always surprising.

The prompt for this dinner is:

What is trust? In what ways do you trust yourself and the world around you? 

The prompt is meant to spark conversation and inspiration through inquiry while also bringing us into greater personal and cultural awareness. It gives us the opportunity to be more intentional about witnessing and celebrating each other’s experience and lived wisdom.  That said, there’s nothing more for you to do than let the prompt marinate in the back of your head until we meet, no prep needed!

“I didn’t know I had developed any perception of the experience of “circles” until you brought it up!” – Gayle, Dinner Guest (prompt centered on “circles & cycles”)

Commit with Vigor!

We ask all our guests to commit with vigor. BreakBread Dinners are intimate gatherings where the most important thing you bring to the table is your presence. Committing with vigor is the first step in being present. It’s saying “Hell yes! I will show up!”. We believe committing with vigor then honoring your commitment supports healthy, loving, and respectful relationships. Boundaries, honesty, and clarity are foundational to building trust and connection.


30 people dinner, how does that work?

At the top of our gathering, we will convene as a large group to enter into presence, get settled with guidelines, and do some brief introductions. We will then break out into smaller dinner “tables” (5 to 7 people) each hosted by a BreakBread host. Prior to wrapping for the evening, the entire group will reconvene to share before purposefully closing.

Do I actually need to cook dinner?

It’s encouraged that you actually eat with us BUT your presence is what we cherish. Guests sometimes do takeout, warm up leftovers or show up with just dessert or even a “liquid” dinner. Some people go all out, preparing gourmet dinners, decorating their space and table, and even getting dressed for dinner! We leave that to you!

2 hours is a long time, do I need to stay for the whole dinner?

BreakBread Dinners are currently a community of friends and friends of friends. BreakBread World Public Dinners are a mix of friends and soon-to-be friends. Friends wouldn’t think of leaving dinner early because of the social implications. If we don’t know you, we ask you to show up as a friend for the evening – and to be truly nourished with genuine intention and full presence.  Also, we understand that in today’s day and age, 2 hours seems like a long time but in our experience time flies when you slow down. And it is precisely the fact that we take our time that creates the BreakBread experience.

Can I show up late? 

We will close the “doors” 10 minutes after start time.

Who is hosting?

To learn more about the BreakBread Team check us out here.

What is the purpose of the host?

Just like when you host a dinner party at your home, you want all your guests to have a great time. You want them to feel seen, heard, and welcome. The BreakBread experience relies on the presence of trained hosts whose job is to help hold space that is as open and welcoming as possible. They participate in but also, gently guide the conversation to help the experience deepen and be more meaningful.

How are BreakBread dinners different from other virtual events?

Everyone is welcome at the BreakBread table and we make sure everyone is heard. The experience is designed to take us out of the doing-mode of networking or solving problems or listening to “experts”. It’s designed to bring us into being, into relationship, and into connection with others and ourselves. Also, some virtual events leave people drained and fatigued but all of our participants are amazed at how time flew by and report they’re feeling invigorated and rejuvenated.

How much does it cost?

BreakBread Public Dinners are free.  That said, we invite guests to “pay what you feel” as a way to support the ongoing development of BreakBread World, a budding venture.