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Wed 16

March 16, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EDT

Disinformation, Free Speech, and Democracy in a Time of Division

Civic Genius

Location: Online

The forces of division have long known that pitting us against each other is a potent way to mobilize us. The internet, social media, and easy connection through our mobile devices, are being leveraged to sow confusion, disruption, disinformation and polarization. Deception and manipulation of news and information pre-date the internet, but its acceleration, reach and scale are greater on the web. Mis/disinformation represents a threat to our society and democracy, undermines elections, fractures public trust and gets in the way of advancing solutions to our pressing issues.

How can communities build resilience to these threats and restore trust in each other to protect our democracy and engage our differences productively, while at the same time protecting free speech?

In this session, we’re joined by Jillian Youngblood and Todd Levinson of Civic Genius to explore examples of mis/disinformation, engage in interactive activities to help combat it and hear about a program designed to work within our communities to build civic resilience.

Civic Genius is a group dedicated to help overcome political polarization and rebuild American civic culture through everyday opportunities to learn and engage. Their tools, including videos, short briefs and dialogue-based experiences, help foster civic confidence through citizen empowerment.