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Sat 22

April 22 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT

Empathy Café: Conflict Mediation, Peace Building

Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

Location: Online

A series of Empathy Cafes for individuals, bridge-building leaders, and peacemaking organizations seeking to heal a divided world through the power of mutual listening, mediation, empathy and dialogue. We will divide into small groups of 4 to 6 and use the Empathy Circle process for the dialogue process.

Join us is an Empathy Café to dialogue about, “How Might Listening & Empathy Circles Support Your conflict transformation, peacebuilding, mediation & bridging work? Or talk about whatever is on your mind.”


1. Build Community: Meet and network with fellow Conflict Transformation members.
2. Build Relationships with others in the field.
3. Learn and practice the Empathy Circle dialogue process. Take it home to share with family, friends, school, work, your community, etc.
4. Learn and deepen empathic listening skills for conflict mediation and peace building.
5. Explore the topic together and come up with new insights.
6. A place for Mediators and Conflict Resolution Experts to network and exchange information.
 7. Share and retrieve the newest info on peacebuilding and conflict transformation.


TOPIC: “How Might Listening & Empathy Circles Support Your conflict transformation, peacebuilding, mediation & bridging work?
Or talk about whatever is on your mind.”

REGISTER: https://bit.ly/RegisterApril22  
FREE: Everyone is welcome.
DATE: Saturday April 22 , 2023
TIME: 10am PST/CEST 7pm: World Times:  https://bit.ly/3RFLN9o 
LENGTH: 2 hours
COME ON TIME: Be sure to come on time since the doors close about 15 minutes after the start.

LOCATION: Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/9896109339
RECORDING: Part of the event (for those that agree) will be recorded and posted to social media for educational and promotional purposes. You have an option of being in a non recorded breakout group.

* Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding and Security (CoPeSe) .A leading network on peacebuilding and conflict transformation, counting more than 60k members. Share and retrieve newest info on peacebuilding and conflict transformation. http://linkedin.com/groups/116981/

* Center for Building a Culture of Empathy http://CultureOfEmpathy.com
The internet’s largest resource on the value of empathy. Offers Empathy Circles and Empathy Training.

* Peace Alliance http://PeaceAlliance.org 
Educate, advocate, and mobilize people into action to transform systems and public policy toward a culture of peace.

* Listen First Project http://ListenFirstProject.org
A network of 500+ bridging organizations, leads the collaborative movement to heal America by bridging divides.

* National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation http://www.ncdd.org
A network of innovators who bring people together across divides to discuss, decide, and take action together effectively on today’s toughest issues.

* Your Organization can be a Cohost


April 22 – Feedback Form         https://bit.ly/FeedbackECApril22 
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EC Organizational Co-Hosts    https://bit.ly/3eQb43i 
April 22 – LinkedIn Event         https://bit.ly/ECApril22 
April 22 – Facebook Event        https://bit.ly/FBECApril22 
April 22 – Citizen Connect       https://bit.ly/3ZcSK5D 
April 22 – Registration Form    https://bit.ly/RegisterApril22 
April 22 –  Final Report             https://bit.ly/ECApr22Report