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Thu 14

March 14

God Squad: Everyone is Canceled

The Village Square

Location: Online

This podcast episode of Village SquareCast will drop on March 14th. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts or at https://podfollow.com/villagesquarecast/view. 

We’re living in a time when a bad choice of words (much less a deeply held countercultural opinion) can tank your career, in a media environment where some are doing a near-professional job of elevating being offensive to an art form—almost begging to be “canceled” by those who care about maintaining at least a kindergarten-level decorum. Our culture wars have blinded us—gone are the deepest underpinnings of pluralism, where legitimately held beliefs are respected, even when they clash fiercely with our own. Never mind being canceled, this environment has many of us self-editing—choosing simply to not express ourselves so as to avoid risk altogether. So how’s a person to live free in a culture that’s this hostile and toxic to diverse opinion?