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Wed 19

April 19 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

Gun Violence & the Right to Bear Arms

Dignity Dialogues

Location: Online

Tired of conversations about issues of our time that turn ugly and divisive? Then join us in this guided civil discourse experience. Practice listening and empathy skills within the safety of clearly defined ground rules.

This session invites participants from across the political spectrum to share views on “Gun Violence & the Right to Bear Arms”. In preparation, participants are encouraged to contemplate their views on germane issues such as:

  • The second amendment then and now
  • Mass shooting causes & solutions
  • Prudent gun controls & safety
  • Gun ownership as a deterrent to gun violence
  • Assault weapons bans
  • “Stand your ground” & “Constitutional carry” laws

Watch how commonalities begin to transcend differences when we take care to understand each other and honor dignity.