Election Participation Guide: Your Vote Matters! Register, Vote, Work The Polls, Get Out The Vote.
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Wed 31

January 31 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am CST

How Might the 2024 Election Affect Business in PA?

Business for America

Location: Online

As business leaders prepare to navigate a contentious year ahead, join Business For America | Pennsylvania to hear expert panelists explain Pennsylvania’s unpredictable electoral landscape, how women voters may influence key races, and the current mood in the Commonwealth on key policy issues. This kick-off session will provide insights that inform our future sessions designed to prepare business leaders to support both their bottom line and employees through the 2024 political process.

Join Business For America | Pennsylvania for the first in a series of discussions where we gather expert panelists to delve into Pennsylvania’s unpredictable electoral landscape.


Perspectives on PA as an election battleground: We will explore how the political parties will focus their attention and resources on winning Pennsylvania’s 19 electoral votes, and how the presidential race will inspire broad participation among the public.

Voter trust in PA election administration: We will assess the readiness of state and county officials to administer a well run election that results in the public trusting the outcome through a speedy process free from threats and intimidation. We’ll also touch on the challenges that social media and mis-information may play in shaping the outcome.

Increased influence of women politicians and voters: We will share insights into the rise of women in Pennsylvania politics and their leadership role in the  state legislative chambers and the city of Philadelphia, as well as how issues by presidential and congressional candidates are being framed with women voters.