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Wed 29

June 29, 2022 @ 7:00 pm8:00 pm EDT

Intro to RepresentUS and the Pro-Democracy Movement

Tired of corrupt elites buying your elections and rigging your districts? RepresentUs has a plan to stop them.
Our democracy is broken. And there’s proof. A Princeton University study found that the average American has no impact on the U.S. government, while the wealthiest 10% call all the shots. Americans should have more say in our politics, but corruption is keeping our government from solving all the problems we face as a nation.

From taxation to national debt, education to the economy, our political system is too gridlocked to address the most serious issues. Moneyed interests get what they want, and the rest of us pay the price. That’s why RepresentUs members – conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between – are working together to restore our democratic republic. And we’re already winning!

Join RepresentUs leaders for an introduction to the pro-democracy movement and learn how you can join RepresentUs on the quest to fight corruption and create a government of, by, and for the people.

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