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Wed 23

June 23, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm CDT


Meet the Campaign Leaders & Chief Political Sponsors that Brought Open Primaries to Maine

Location: Online

In an historic bipartisan vote, the Maine legislature just passed a semi-open primary bill, allowing independent voters- 32% of all Maine voters-400,000 people–the right to pick a party ballot and vote in primary elections for the first time.

In a year in which many states are considering the rollback of voter rights and Congressional reform efforts are falling victim to the partisan playbook, Maine offers a stark contrast. Sizable numbers of Republicans joined with a majority of Democrats to pass the bill 27-7 in the Senate and 92-52 in the House.

The legislation was championed by Senators Chloe Maxin (D) and Matthew Pouliot (R), the local campaign effort was led by Open Primaries Maine leaders Kaitlin LaCasse & Betsy Sweet and we here at Open Primaries were proud to support them as this campaign developed over the last several years.

On Wednesday June 23rd at 2pm ET we’ll bring the whole team together and hear directly from them about how they achieved this historic win and what advice they can give to other reformers working to enact meaningful political change.
You’ll want to hear what this team has to say–register here today!