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Sat 4

February 4 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am MST

Parenting: Protecting/Empowering Children Conversation

Living Room Conversations

Location: Online

For the past few generations, Americans have been told to worry about “Stranger Danger,” the idea that mean people are roaming the streets, the malls, and even the aisles of the grocery store ready to snatch, hurt, and traffic children. The crime rate has plummeted since the early ‘90s, but fear for the safety of children has not. Instead, we have seen ever-increasing supervision of our children. Adult supervision has become so expected that parents can find themselves torn between upholding new social norms regarding supervision or feeling like they are unfit or negligent parents because they favor giving their children more freedom. Where do we draw the line between protecting our children and supporting their independence?