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Thu 26

May 26 - December 31

Sign the Safe and Fair Election Pledge

Team Democracy

Location: Online

We all ask ourselves:  What can I do now, today, that would actually make a difference in defending our democracy?  How can I be heard in the halls of Congress?  How can our elected representatives be held more accountable.  Here’s a quick, simple start. 

Step 1 – Sign the Election Pledge at teamdemocracy.org

Step 2 – Make your personal statement (optional) about why democracy is important to you.

Step 3 – Urge your friends, family, colleagues and co-workers to sign it too.

Step 4 – Reach out to your elected representatives (and candidates) with this simple message:  “I care about our democracy.  And I’ve signed this Election Pledge. If you’re interested in earning my support, you need to embrace this pledge too.  If you won’t, please don’t ask me for my vote, or for my donation.”