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Sat 16

October 16, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT

Waging Dialogue Presents: The Campaign of Miner Bo

Waging Dialogue

Location: Online

Waging Dialogue seeks to bridge gaps in understanding, and one of the most significant understanding gaps in our society exists between private citizens and elected politicians.

I recently discovered a compelling documentary that highlights the challenges of running for office as a grassroots candidate. The Campaign of Miner Bo is a thought-provoking human portrait of a man on a mission, who struggles in ways that every one of us can identify with, who has to push himself out of his comfort zone in situations that would make any of us uncomfortable. The film made me think hard about some critical questions. What are the expectations that we have of politicians? How would we fare if those same expectations were placed on us, and once we have weeded out everyone who doesn’t meet those expectations, how could we possibly be left with anyone we actually want representing us?

I invite you to watch this film, and then join myself and the founder of Waging Dialogue, Dr. Alice Maher, as we interview Bo Copley and Director Todd Drezner. I will also be inviting upcoming grassroots candidate for the US House of Representives from the state of Texas, Sass, who comes from a very different background and has very different views from Mr. Copley. Because this is not about issues that are exclusive to the left or the right. This is about the shared experience of being a grassroots politician, what it means to put yourself in that vulnerable position, and what it means for all of us who live in the society that we create because of the choices we make at the ballot box.

-Matt, Waging Dialogue