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Mon 8

August 8, 2022 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm EDT

We the People’s Forum: Can We Move Forward On Abortion?

After the reversal of Roe v. Wade, can “We the People” find common ground on abortion?

And might the experiences of everyday Americans — pro-life, pro-choice, somewhere in between — help us to move forward on this challenging issue?

We’ll explore these questions and possible solutions with a fascinating lineup of first speakers and with participants.

Our first speakers include a woman who switched from pro-choice to pro-life after having an abortion, a nurse who switched from pro-life to pro-choice after an unplanned pregnancy and her work as a maternal health nurse, and an African American community leader who is conflicted on the issue.

Then, it’s the people’s turn to speak.

We the People’s Forum is a Braver Angels event where everyday Americans get time at the podium.

Here’s how it works:

First part: our first speakers talk about their experiences and perspectives, their concerns about their own positions, and what they see in common.

Second part: it’s We the People time! Anyone with direct experience on the issue is encouraged to talk about their experience, and anyone may ask a question.

Third part: speakers and participants explore areas of common ground.

This event is open to the general public.

Our first speakers:

Janelle Burke is a former nurse and school board candidate; the founder and editor of WakeUpSnoCo; and co-founder of a community outreach organization dedicated to healing in the Black community and for U.S. veterans.

Liberty Crouch-Taylor is a public speaker, ordained minister, digital fine artist, and author of Demons Release Trilogies, a book series that chronicles Liberty’s journey from drug addiction and homelessness to healing and finding faith in Jesus Christ.

Maureen May is a registered nurse and the president of PASNAP, a Pennsylvania nurses union.

About Braver Angels and We the People’s Forum

Braver Angels is a citizen’s organization that brings Americans together to bridge the partisan divide and strengthen our democratic republic. We the People’s Forum is a Braver Angels event where everyday Americans get time at the podium. We hear from people who are often spoken of, but rarely spoken with, on the most important issues of the day. Learn more at www.braverangels.org/wpp