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Tue 22

February 22, 2022 @ 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm EST

We the People’s Forum: Can We Talk About Class?

Braver Angels

Location: Online

Can we talk about class?

It can be an awkward conversation. Heck, we don’t even have good language for how to talk about social class in America! Is it “working class” and “upper class,” or “blue collar” and “college educated” — or something else altogether?

But most of us know there’s something there. Look at the stereotypes that we hold of each other, or the jokes we tell. Plus, many people believe that a “class divide” lies underneath a lot of our partisan divide.

So, can we talk about class?

Enter Annette Ritter, a school-of-hard-knocks grandma and community college student from rural Little Orleans, Maryland, and Len Breslow, a retired cognitive psychologist from suburban Chevy Chase, Maryland.

They live only two hours from each other, but have experienced very different slices of America. One used to couch-hop on the poor side of Berkeley, California, the other got a graduate degree there. One has worked in dozens of blue-collar jobs, the other has spent a lifetime in academia, business, and government.

But they’re both Braver Angels members–and they’re ready to tackle the thorny issue of class.

During this We the People’s Forum, we’ll dive into it, including:

What are “working class” and “college class” people thinking about each other these days?
What are some common misconceptions we have about each other?
How is the class divide affecting our politics?
What are the burning questions our speakers have for each other?
During Discussion time, anyone with direct experience on the issue is encouraged to share their experience and perspective, and anyone may ask a question.