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Andrew Yang and Charlie Dent on the future of America’s two-party system

McCourtney Institute for Democracy

“Andrew Yang and Charlie Dent agree that something needs to change when it comes to America’s political parties and its two-party system., but have different ideas about what that change should be. They discuss those ideas in a conversation moderated by McCourtney Institute for Democracy Communications Specialist Jenna Spinelle. They also discuss democracy reforms like open primaries and ranked-choice voting.

Charlie Dent was the McCourtney Institute for Democracy’s fall 2021 visiting fellow. He spent seven terms in Congress representing Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley and served in the Pennsylvania state legislature before that. He’s currently executive director of the Aspen Institute Congressional Program, a CNN political analyst, and a 501c3 adviser for the Renew America Movement, which supports candidates who are committed to democracy and the rule of law.

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