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The Village Square

Join us as podcast host Corey Nathan of Talkin’ Politics and Religion without Killin’ Each Other flips the switch by interviewing The Village Square’s Liz Joyner and Vanessa Rowse about how we make pigs fly.  We were fast friends with Corey right from the start because of our shared goal to have constructive and respectful conversations about those taboo topics of politics and religion.

From Corey, about this episode:  “We get into all kinds of important, timely topics including:

— how we’re all living in this “high energy environment”;
— the “us vs. them dynamic” and what the solution is;
— the value of actually getting together in person;
— how the Village Square is able to get people of diverse views in the same venue together;
— how the first casualty in this environment is nuance;
— and being played by the “conflict entrepreneurs.””

Shout out to The Democracy Group for introducing us to Corey Nathan.  The Democracy group is a network of podcasts working to understand what’s broken in our democracy and how we can all work together to fix it.

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