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How Business Can Help Get Money Out of Politics

American Promise

In any political election—especially major ones, such as the upcoming midterm elections in the United States—it’s important to know where the money to fund various campaigns is coming from. As citizens, we should also understand how that flow of money (both in and out) affects the business community.

John McCrea is the National Business Network Manager of American Promise. This organization advocates the 28th Amendment of the Constitution to protect elections from foreign money and special interests, and pursues freedom for all Americans.

As a former small business owner, John felt the need to help his fellow entrepreneurs by working with American Promise. He is leveraging his 30+ years of experience working in IT services for small to midsize business owners to help the country to move forward and create a level playing field where all businesses, regardless of size, thrive and bring value to their market.

In this episode, John talks us through the conditions we have right now with unrestrained money in political spending, the ongoing issues in the political system, and its impact on the business community. John also shares some updates on the various actions that American Promise takes to cultivate a better future for Americans.

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