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Media Literacy Toolkit

Mormon Women for Ethical Government

The founders of the United States knew an educated public would be key to the strength of a democratic republic. The creation of the First Amendment ensured citizens would have access to the information needed to make good decisions about their representatives and policies. At Mormon Women for Ethical Government, all of our advocacy and education efforts flow from our Principles of Ethical Government, and this is also true of media literacy.

These principles include the idea that, “All individuals have a duty to educate themselves about the actions of government officials and current events in the world, taking care to ascertain facts from reliable sources of information.”

Knowing where to find reliable sources of information has become increasingly challenging, and the proliferation of misinformation has caused harm to government institutions and individuals. To help our members and the general public become wise consumers of news media, MWEG has created numerous articles, meme series, and YouTube videos. Below you will find resources on news consumption, misinformation, bias, conspiracy theories, propaganda, and more. We hope these will be valuable to all in their efforts to become peacemakers, principled citizens, and advocates for ethical government.

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