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Our Racial History and the Threat of Racial Harm for Black Lives

Healing Race

What happens when college freshman roommates, friends of 25 years – one black, one white – have their first conversation about race?

Talking about race isn’t always easy. Andre and Todd were college freshman roommates – one black, one white – who spent the first 25 years of knowing each other without ever discussing the topic. So they decided to go deep on the role of race and the state of race relations in the U.S… and to record their conversations and make them public so that others could see what a first conversation about race might look like, where no topic is off the table and no voices are stifled or censored, but where they always listen, respect, and seek to understand – even and especially when we see things differently.

This video is their first episode of the Season 1 of Healing Race. As you’ll see, Andre and Todd don’t agree about everything and there are some tense moments in their conversation. But they lay it all out on the table, without fear of judgment, knowing that they are imperfect people having a conversation about a complicated topic, and they will make missteps.

Andre and Todd share their experiences and beliefs when it comes to race knowing that they don’t know the whole story about race in this country… and can’t speak for all black people or all white people. They know they don’t have all “the answers,” but they do have the willingness to listen and explore… as they have a real-deal, don’t filter what you think conversation about race.

So what does a first conversation about race look like? Watch this first episode of Healing Race now to find out…


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