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Report: For Our Freedom Amendment

American Promise

American Promise unites Americans to win the For Our Freedom Amendment to secure  elections and government for we the people—not big money, not corporations, not unions, not shadowy super PACs and special interests.

The For Our Freedom Amendment:

  • Protects free speech and the voice of all Americans and ends the domination of our elections and corruption of our representative government by dark money and elite donors.
  • Has overwhelming support from Americans of every political viewpoint
  • Offers lasting reform and breaks the two-party incumbent-favoring big money system that locks out competition, choice, and progress for the nation. .
  • Is the lasting, constitutional method for rebuilding checks and balances, federalism and local freedom against global money nationalizing every election and dividing America.
  • Frees business from pay-to-pay politics and unfair competition from big global corporations that are spending millions of dollars to buy political influence that destroys the level playing field.

Our report Keep the Promise: America 250, outlines how and why we can work together to pass this amendment.

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