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Technology in Politics: What We Don’t Know and Should

USC Center for the Political Future

“The use of technology in politics – from social media to smart phones to targeted internet advertising – has become more sophisticated and widespread. As its prevalence expands, so does the number of questions about its use and value, and its impacts on politics and civil society. USC Center for the Political Future (CPF) Co-Directors Bob Shrum and Mike Murphy join a panel of experts to discuss the rapid changes in technology and their effects on politics including fundraising, campaigning, voting, free speech, and polarization on Tuesday, October 26. This discussion is in partnership with USC Dornsife and USC Annenberg Center for Communication Leadership and Policy.

– Morteza Dehghani: Associate Professor of Psychology, USC Dornsife
– Katie Harbath: Founder and CEO of Anchor Change; Former Public Policy Director for Global Elections at Facebook
– Cheryl Hori: Founder and Chief Strategist, Pacific Campaign House
– John Patzakis: Executive Chair and Chief Legal Officer, X1 Discovery
– Bob Shrum (Moderator): CPF Director; Warschaw Chair in Practical Politics, USC Dornsife
– Mike Murphy (Moderator): CPF Co-Director; NBC Political Analyst”

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