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Try a Policymaking Simulation and Make Your Voice Heard

Voice of the People

“At Voice of the People, we have developed dozens of policymaking simulations that put you in your elected officials’ shoes by simulating the process they go through in making policy decisions – getting briefed, hearing arguments, coming to decisions – using an online survey called a policymaking simulation. Once you finish the simulation (10-15 minutes on average), you’ll have a chance to then send your policy recommendations directly to your Congresspeople with a personalized note.

If you would like to learn about the pressing policy issues in front of Congress, this is a great tool for you and your network. You can be briefed on and hear arguments about issues such as: Energy and Environment, NATO, Immigration, Health Care, Government Reform, Criminal Justice, and much more!

Voice of the People has worked with University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation to develop these simulations. Please give one a try and reach out if you would like to use them in your events or programming!”

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