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Village SquareCast presents “The God Squad: Exhausted by Politics?!”

The Village Square

“If you haven’t heard of The God Squad yet, a diverse group of clergy across political ideologies and denominations, having an ongoing conversation “”for people of faith and no faith at all, because talking politics wasn’t hard enough””—well, you’re in for a treat. Here, The Squad takes on the exhaustion we’re all feeling about politics these days.

A year-long project by More in Common came up with a description of most of America that a lot of us relate to: “the exhausted majority.” Everything has become political, high conflict, and seemingly inescapable as the electromagnetic suck of angry politics forces us to be either “us” or “them,” when most of us would rather do nothing of the sort. Is it even possible that by turning our attention to something else we might — unfathomably — be doing exactly what just might fix the political mess? We’ll find out together, with God Squad sherpas leading our way.

Village SquareCast is the podcast your mother warned you about. We talk politics, religion and race — across color, creed and ideology — and we do it like the partners in democracy that we really ought to be.

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