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We Can Understand. We Must Understand.

8 Step Listening

We may buy different things, but our rich buying behaviors have a lot of similarities and can be used to help us develop newfound understanding and respect for others.

Discussion questions:
Why is there such a lack of understanding from all sides?
Are these characters just spoilt, cheap, clueless, vain, or irrational? Can stereotypes adequately describe them?
Why is it frustrating when your loved ones stop you from buying things?
Why do we hold on to things we “never use”?
How much knowledge do you need to buy the things that are right for you?
How much skill and creativity do you need to use your purchases in different situations?
How do you learn about new items, new trends? How much time and effort does it take?
How much time and effort do you currently spend understanding other people’s needs, understanding how others become who they are?
How can experience in one kind of object help us understand and appreciate experience with other kinds of objects?
How can we learn to see ourselves in others, and see the best in others?

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