Citizen Connect is your nonpartisan doorway to civic action. We put the 600+ organizations – right, left and center – working to strengthen our democracy at your fingertips, so you can choose how to connect.



  • Engage Across Differences

To increase civic participation by informing & empowering voters

ActiVote provides you with a tool to create a civic habit, learn about the issues and ensure you can participate in every election. We empower citizens & civic participation by:

  • Creating a space to see overlap and commonality with your community instead of polarization
  • Providing consumable, nonpartisan & nuanced policy information on key issues
  • Ensuring you never miss an election
  • Easy candidate research for all elections, special / local / primary and national
  • Informing you what your elected officials are doing on your behalf

#DailyDemocracy provides a tool solely focused on the needs of the citizen to engage & participate


Sara Gifford