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American Exchange Project


  • Engage Across Differences

To foster interactions between Americans from different backgrounds. Study abroad in your own country.

Our mission at AEP is to connect our divided country. Toxic polarization has moved into our daily lives, corroding our faith in one another and our democracy, shaping the choices we make, the people we associate with, and the places we call home. As a consequence, our kids are growing up isolated in bubbles that burden their mental health and limit their development as young adults and young citizens.

Welcoming the stranger, hometown pride, a deep love of our children, and a reverence for the character building journey—these are deeply American ideals. AEP harnesses them, along with the energy and curiosity of young people, to create a solution: a free domestic youth exchange program. 

AEP trips are free because we believe this experience ought to be a public good. Nothing should get in the way of a young person who wants to learn more about their country and their fellow citizens. Hundreds of students have received the gift of an AEP trip thanks to scores of donors who care deeply about bringing our divided country together and offering our students an incredible experience. 


David McCullough


Boston, MA, USA