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Better Elections Idaho


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Better Elections Idaho was started around one goal: Final 5 Voting in Idaho elections to make democracy more fair and functional. It is a simple change that can have a big impact. It's a 2-parter, hold onto your hat! 1-Top 5 Primaries, 2-Ranked Choice or Instant Runoff Voting.

We are a nonprofit run by volunteers in many parts of Idaho who understand the great potential of Open Primaries and Instant Runoff Voting. We want to help bridge the divides in politics so that voters have more options and a majority support is required for electing officials. Many studies have been carried out on this type of voting, also called Rank Choice and Final 5 Voting, showing that more people vote when their vote is counted this way, candidates focus more on policy than attacks when it counts to be voters’ second or third pick, and many more vote when they do not have to register for a private political party like Republican or Democrat. Like many US cities, counties and states, Ranked choice voting is used by every voter in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Malta, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

Better Elections Idaho is currently working toward educating Idahoans, connecting with other local organizations, finding more volunteers and preparing for a Ballot Initiative Campaign to get Final 5 Voting signed into law by 2024.


Teresa M Stunz Fangamou


Nampa, ID, USA