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Building Community Capacity, LLC


  • Engage Across Differences

Increasing access to information and resources that strengthen, empower, and engage children, families, and communities


As a social enterprise, Building Community Capacity’s services are designed to be shared in ways that give customers ownership so they can successfully implement initiatives and projects while increasing autonomy. This is part of remembering our legacy of love. The goal: BCC will collaborate with customers to increase their areas of expertise and ability to take over all facets of initiative and program implementation.

Capability Statement

Building Community Capacity…Remembering Our Legacy of Love has developed expertise in education, employment, career development, housing, mental health, and team-building. We facilitate collaborative work so diverse individuals, organizations, and institutions can work together to create solutions. We perform formative and summative evaluations to provide on-time feedback that increases the ability to course-correct and decreases the tendency to get stuck at an impasse. We research best practices so we can customize solutions to the culture and setting in which we are working. We can create curriculum that’s user-friendly and culturally competent. Our ability to create indicators that will measure impact helps program participants and customers understand their progress and ability to be successful.  


Joanna Grace Farmer