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CIRCE aims to advance the science of mental immunity, teach the art of collaborative idea-testing, and develop humanity's resistance to epidemics of unreason.

The Cognitive Immunology Research Collaborative (CIRCE) is an institute dedicated to developing humanity's immunity to the ideas and ideologies that consistently frustrate human aspirations. Through the deliberate application of scientific findings on the mind's immune system, CIRCE seeks to prevent epidemics of unreason. Lately, most of CIRCE's efforts have been in developing the Mental Immunity Project https://mentalimmunityproject.org/
Mission CIRCE aims to: (1) advance the science of immunity to misinformation, (2) help humanity develop its resistance to information manipulation, and (3) help build a world where infodemics and divisive ideologies rarely frustrate human aspirations.
Vision We envision a world where deep understanding of mental immunity helps us mitigate disinformation susceptibility. We think that modest advances along this dimension can prevent deadly outbreaks of unreason and have an outsized impact on human welfare.


Luke Johnson


7440 Ben Hur St, Pittsburgh, PA 15208, USA