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Common Ground Committee


  • Engage Across Differences

More progress. Less division.

Common Ground Committee inspires and motivates the public to find common ground and reduce incivility and polarization for a stronger nation. We do this by demonstrating how influential people of opposing views can unexpectedly find agreement without compromising core values. We provide innovative content and tools that empower individuals and consequently, their political leaders to do the same. WE ENVISION A NATION NO LONGER ENCUMBERED BY THE ANGER AND POLARIZATION THAT PREVENTS US FROM MOVING FORWARD ON ISSUES THAT MATTER. Polarized thinking and governance is a growing plague among elected officials and citizens that has led to government gridlock and inaction and, increasingly, citizen outrage and violence – right when progress is most needed. No news here. But consider the impact. Real people, citizens and non-citizens are affected. They wait endlessly for needed changes to the status quo that could dramatically alter their health, wealth and happiness. You probably know people in those situations – or, perhaps, are one yourself. Can we reverse the situation? Increasingly, the public thinks not. Studies show that people feel the situation is hopeless. They hunger for bipartisan behavior and real-world results from public servants. At Common Ground Committee, we believe this hunger can be satisfied and that polarization and anger can be healed. It is possible to bring about a private discourse that builds understanding and public discourse that uncovers common ground through passionate but civil debate where facts are valued and participants listen to each other. But it takes hard work and the help of many to be successful.


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