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  • Engage Across Differences

CommonSpace builds relationship, community, and belonging in the places we live our lives.

CommonSpace sparks human connection by inspiring in-person conversation.  It's a mobile app that helps to solve our current loneliness epidemic.

Research in 2018 found that 54% of American Adults psychologically classify as lonely.  This increased to 61% in 2019.  That was before COVID-19, and now that number is likely much, much higher.  Loneliness and social isolation increase a person's feeling of threat on a neurologic level.  This leads to a significant rise in their distrust of others, distortion of social perceptions, and a diminished ability to connect and engage meaningfully.  The confusion, distrust, and fear caused by loneliness and social isolation directly contribute to the increasing polarization of our society.

CommonSpace builds relationship, community, and belonging in the places we live our lives.  One of the most important factors in if a person feels lonely is the amount of daily meaningful social interaction they have in their life.  CommonSpace greatly increases a user's amount of social interaction, and dramatically improves the likelihood of that interaction being meaningful.

What would the world be like, if, for everyone you met in your daily life, you already knew ten things that they had shared that they would be up for talking about?  For people who chose to, could we use that to make the world warmer, more welcoming, and better connected?

CommonSpace is a startup public benefit corporation (uncertified B Corp) that incorporated in January 2021.  We are currently conducting private trials of the beta version of our app to better build something that brings people together.

CommonSpace works great to create meaningful conversation and connection within groups of friends, families, workplaces, house of worship, conferences, and schools, (and eventually hopefully within the larger society.)  Please reach out to kevin@commonspacesociety.com to learn more about CommonSpace or to request a trial.



Kevin Thorsen