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Compassionate America


  • Engage Across Differences

Founded in 2019, Compassionate America is a group of average people who have united to say “enough!” to the two, major political parties’ (duopoly) stranglehold over the American narrative and its effects on We the People’s systems of self-governing. We engage in non-partisan civic-reform and civic-service initiatives that partner with and amplify pro-democracy reform work, nationally. Our aim is to raise public awareness about the pro-democracy movement and help reform American political culture.

We are imperfect people in an imperfect world who maintain open hearts & minds.  We focus on getting the word out about innovation and problem-solving for human beings & strive to provide hope that good work is happening across the country by “pro-democracy” & “dialogue across difference” groups.

Our backgrounds are mixed, which helps us engage with a vast landscape of diverse reform efforts.  We came to this work with various connections to the field, but we joined hands as Compassionate America and asked, “How can we help?” as we learn and serve.

Individuals have their own political & religious views, but we strive together as non-partisan volunteers to realize an America that works for We the People. By uplifting our fellow Americans & amplifying civic awareness, civil dialogue, and pro-democracy reforms that encompass service to family, community, and country, we affirm that which helps Americans live better lives, today.

Founded in 2019, Compassionate America is a group of average people who have united to say “enough!” We engage in non-partisan initiatives that partner with and amplify pro-democracy and dialogue movements nationally.  

Everyone has ideas and opinions about politics/policy, but reasoning individuals set personal politics aside for a greater civic good. Supporters of Compassionate America believe that civic awareness, compassionate service, dialogue, and innovation are critical to a healthy democratic republic.

Specifically, we:

  • engage in and host brainstorming sessions/webinars to develop strategies that assist pro-democracy, civic education, and dialogue movements reach across the technological/social-media divide;
  • assist in raising public awareness about the pro-democracy/dialogue movements in order to spread hope and help reform American political culture;
  • counter the duopoly-media nexus’ negative impacts on We the People and our systems of self-governing;
  • promote the Declaration of Mission, Complaint for Declaratory Relief, and Hope for a Compassionate America to others across the country to help foster a pro-democracy narrative for all Americans in 21st century;
  • share information about innovation and reform in the civic sphere, so long as it is rooted in long-established, pro-democracy values, such as: the rule of law, liberty, justice, equity, and voting rights, with the aim of serving We the People and country over parties or political leaders.


Escanaba, MI 49829, USA