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Every Voice, Inc.


  • Voting, Elections & Policy

Our mission is to reduce extreme partisanship by driving positive civil engagement, streamlining communication between constituents and their representatives, and improving transparency of the legislative process.

We are a political technology company who is building a a single platform for constituents to lobby their elected representatives (reps) across all levels of government. Our platform aims to reduce partisanship by empowering every person to improve their quality of life through legislation. We offer cloud-based products to facilitate transparent data-driven engagement between constituents and reps. For constituents, our free mobile app lets them voice their opinion directly to reps through polls/petitions, then measure their reps’ performance. For representatives, our enterprise app provides a simple tool to manage legislative polls and analyze constituent sentiment for policy decision-making. In all cases, constituents and reps have access to the same comprehensive set of high-level data, delivering much needed accessibility and transparency to politics.


Jackson Wirekoh


1130 Bedford Ave #1050, Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA