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DaviesContent LLC


  • Engage Across Differences

We produce and consult on professional, well-edited podcasts in the bridging community.

We offer a range of podcasting services, including format design, title music, marketing tips, editing, production, and media coaching. DaviesContent is led by solutions journalists, who believe that good reporting and news coverage should be constructive and empowering for listeners.

In 2015, we started How Do We Fix It?, a solutions journalism podcast hosted by Richard Davies and Jim Meigs. So far more than 380 episodes have been produced. On each show an expert guest is asked about how their ideas would contribute to making the world a better place. Jim and Richard are good friends with different political views. Both are highly experienced journalists, who share the belief that constructive debate and thoughtful questions can help us in our journey towards common ground and truth-seeking. Hear more at

In 2020, we began producing “Let’s Find Common Ground” for Common Ground Committee. Podcast hosts Ashley Milne-Tyte and Richard Davies explore diverse solutions to today’s most urgent issues with top thought leaders, journalists and others committed to bipartisan action. New episodes are released every two weeks. Listen at

In 2023, we partnered with Bill Shireman and his team at In This Together on a new series of podcasts: “A Moment of BS: Bill Shireman Disrupts the Dividers“. These short 7-15 minute podcasts give voice to “the silenced super majority of us who when we get together and talk.” A Moment of BS is a new kind of format for us, and features Bill’s weekly message to friends, followers and the world beyond.  Learn more at




Richard Davies


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