How Do We Fix It?


  • Engage Across Differences

Toxic polarization is a crisis, blocking progress on almost every major challenge that we face. Too often, the news media promotes conflict at the expense of solutions. Our podcast embraces positive dialog: Open minded. Curious. dogma-free. Fun! We believe that audio can be used to counter division and expand understanding between people who see the world in very different ways.

How Do We Fix It? is a weekly solutions journalism podcast. On each episode an expert guest is asked about how their ideas would contribute to making the world a better place. Two friends, Jim and Richard, are the hosts. They have different political views, but both are highly experienced journalists, who share the belief that constructive debate and thoughtful questions can help us in our journey towards common ground and truth-seeking. Recent guests include: Jonathan Rauch, Kristin Hansen, Zoë Jenkins, Richard Grinker, Amna Khalid, Amanda Ripley and Chloé Valdary.


Richard Davies


Guilford, CT