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Ideos Institute


  • Engage Across Differences

As a leader in the field of Empathic Intelligence, we support redemptive leaders, organizations, and communities in their efforts to build cultures of empathy; transform spaces of division, polarization, and human conflict; and advance social and human flourishing.

Ideos Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the research and application of Empathic Intelligence (EmQ) in culture and society. Our pursuit of empathy works at the intersection of faith, dialogue, and civic engagement so that the dignity, experiences, and perspectives of all people are included in efforts to solve our greatest challenges.

Our values are founded in biblical truth and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Not only are our values shaped by scripture, but more specifically in Christ’s calling of His church to the ministry of reconciliation - His love, truth, justice, and righteousness. As such we seek to live as Christ commands us, and to advance human flourishing in the places and spaces He has called us to.

Ultimately, Ideos serves as a faith-based “empathy accelerator” that seeks to break existing strongholds towards the development of solutions grounded in equity and justice, and promotes positive change at the local, national and global levels. Our founders and principals bring decades of experience working at the nexus of reconciliation, conflict transformation, collaborative solutions, and strategic change and are, individually, leaders and authors pioneering a new Christ-led approach to resolving the gamut of these complexities.

We envision a future where the dignity, experiences, and perspectives of all people are valued and included in efforts to solve our greatest challenges.

Our Values and Beliefs
Biblical Justice: that each of us is called to pursue justice, live with kindness, and protect the vulnerable and oppressed. That through our call as followers, we are here to bear witness to the ultimate just society yet to come. (Micah 6:8)

Service and Sacrifice: for we are called to be of service and sacrifice to others as God calls us into His plan to ‘renew all things’. (Philippians 2:3-4)

Love of Neighbor: believing that by grace we were created to do good works, through sacrifice, on behalf of others. (Matthew 22: 37-39)

Empathy: that the spiritual practice of empathy in restoration is embodied in Christ’s ministry on Earth and a model for our call as reconcilers. (II Corinthians 5: 18-19)


Teniqua Pope


Pasadena, CA, USA