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Create a culture of American unity for the next generation by producing content, experiences, and leaders that inspire it today.

Actions that define “a culture of American unity:”
1. Be inclusive.
2. Stay grounded in wisdom.
3. Create!

What we do and how to join us:
Founded in 2015, Liberatus began as a creative outlet for professionals in American politics to write about healing, and our writers represent the entire political spectrum. You can find 122 digital journal entries in our archives at LiberatusDC.org.

Over the last five years the Liberatus team has compiled our first graphic editorial for print, a 200+ page volume filled with stories that elevate the human experience and blend congressional-level research with contemplative spirituality, beautiful photography, and good design. Its theme of Refuge advocates for refugees, the displaced, and marginalized, and includes a feature section on migration at the US-Mexico border and an interview with a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) recipient from Afghanistan. We chose the Refuge theme because when we see ourselves in the stories of the displaced, we begin to understand nuance and paradox which is essential for wise governance.

To get a copy, back the crowdfunding campaign to cover printing costs on Indiegogo at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/liberatus-volume-one/x/27449838#/


Caleb Paxton


Alexandria, VA, USA