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  • Engage Across Differences

Parity works to heal LGBT and faith divides through curious and collaborative conversations - and surprising friendships.

Parity is a faith-based non-profit organization headquartered in NYC that builds bridges across the LGBTQ+ and faith divide. We partner with a broad diversity of faith communities and work to foster understanding between traditionally rejecting faiths and LGBTQ+ people and their families. We create connections between the sacred and the secular by partnering with non-religious community-based organizations.

Our signature bridging programs are:
Holy Dialogues and Converge Groups      https://www.holydialogues.org/
Blessed by Difference      https://www.blessedbydifference.org/
Religious Freedom    https://www.lgbtqreligiousliberty.org/

Healing LGBT and faith divides requires all perspectives. Our projects promote understanding and healing, not despite faith and conviction, but because of it. 
We are stronger together.


Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen


244 Fifth Avenue Suite M299