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  • Engage Across Differences

We envision a pluralistic world where diversity is embraced and conflicts are transformed into opportunities for collaboration and collective learning. Our mission is to prepare rising generations to approach differences constructively and lead with empathy. We teach social and emotional skills through technology, at scale, such as active listening, asking good questions, and emotional awareness through bias and stereotype recognition by using a dialogue model in the presence of highly trained facilitators and have participants tackle difficult political and cultural topics.

Soliya is an international not-for-profit organization and a pioneering virtual exchange provider. We combine the power of interactive technology with the science of dialogue to offer proven cross-cultural exchange and learning opportunities. Our work has been supported through strategic partnerships with the European Commission, the Government of Canada, and the Stevens Initiative of the Aspen Institute as sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.  In 2019, Soliya was recognized by Canada’s Global Centre for Pluralism as an Honorable Mention recipient of the Global Pluralism Award. Learn more at


Adnen Ben Hadj Yahia


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