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Stair Party


  • Engage Across Differences

The two party system is currently failing us. Politicians are currently in power that are more concerned with tearing down the progress of the other side then actually getting stuff done. Americans sit on the side in disbelief waiting for affirmative action. Meanwhile, third parties refuse to collaborate and see the bigger picture. This is why this party was created — to collaborate and unify in order to make significant progress.

The Stair Party has one main goal: to end party partisanship in the United States.
To quote a man named Daryl Davis, "Keep in mind, when two enemies are talking,
they're not fighting, they're talking. They might be yelling and screaming, but at
least they're talking. It's when the talking ceases that the ground becomes fertile for
violence." American politics is starting to cease conversation and the ground is
most certainly becoming fertile for violence. What we see now is only the
beginning if we continue dividing ourselves between party lines and dismissing
people who do not fit into these lines. The Stair Party understands there are issues
in America, but let us face them and fix them as Americans, not Democrats or
Republicans. We see ourselves as a centrist organization and one open to the
opinions of the left and right. Therefore, we created our platform on the
foundations of the best of both worlds; a platform we can all unilaterally agree on
together. If there's anytime to fix and reform America — it's now.


Alex Darlington