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The AntiRacist Table


  • Engage Across Differences

The AntiRacist Table was created in response to the Racial Reckoning in America, as a way to bring AntiRacism into daily life as a daily practice. Educating Americans about African American history and the Black experience, along with rehumanizing Black people and motivating action to help create an AntiRacist America are our goals.

The AntiRacist Table is a multidimensional platform aimed at helping people to bring AntiRacism into life as a daily practice. We do this in large part with our FREE long-form AntiRacism education program or “30 Day Challenge.” At The AntiRacist Table you’ll do deep inner work, create empathy, see our common humanity, and take action.


Kirsten Ivey-Colson


Washington D.C., DC, USA