Election Participation Guide: Your Vote Matters! Register, Vote, Work The Polls, Get Out The Vote.

The Center for Election Science


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The Center for Election Science is dedicated to empowering people with voting methods that strengthen democracy.

Founded in 2011, The Center for Election Science is a national, nonpartisan nonprofit focused on voting reform. With an emphasis on approval voting, we bring better elections to people across the country through both advocacy and research. The movement for a better way to vote is rapidly gaining momentum as voters grow tired of election results that don’t represent the will of the people. In 2018, we worked with locals in Fargo, ND to help them become the first city in the U.S. to adopt approval voting. And in 2020, we helped grassroots activists empower the 300k people of St. Louis, MO with stronger democracy through approval voting. So, how can you get involved? Sign up for our chapter program to join or launch an approval voting chapter in your area. Sign up for our email list to stay updated on campaigns, attend virtual events, and learn about volunteer opportunities for improving elections across the country. Learn more about us at https://electionscience.org/about/.


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