• Being Blue in a Red Environment

    Focus of the workshop This free online workshop is for political liberals who are surrounded by conservatives in key areas of life like work, family, social circle, religion, or community. The idea for the workshop came from conversations with individuals who said they are looking for safe and effective ways to communicate their liberal values…

  • Share Our America Initiative

      REDUCING POLARIZATION IN OUR COUNTRY — PERSON BY PERSON, COMMUNITY BY COMMUNITY.   Share Our America is a national initiative — rooted in local communities — that brings Americans together across our differences to build empathy, understanding, respect, and trust.

  • Judicial Vacancies During the Biden Administration

    President Joe Biden (D) inherited 46 Article III lifetime federal judicial vacancies requiring a presidential nomination when he was inaugurated on January 20, 2021. Across 890 federal judicial positions, there was an average of 76 vacancies a month from January 2021 to September 2022. This page provides an overview of recent vacancies, nominations, and confirmations; the number of vacancies by month; the number…

  • Being Blue in a Red Environment

    Learn safe and effective ways to communicate liberal values and beliefs in environments where conservative ideas are assumed to be correct.

  • Chaz Smith | POVz Exclusivez: Episode #6

    We’re breaking echo chambers LIVE on camera for the world to see! POVz, the first-ever Gen Z talk show, blasts controversial topics from multiple perspectives, by young people, for young people. Hosted by TC’s Founder and CEO, Sophie Beren gets deep with celebrities to amplify their personal experiences on POVz: Exclusivez.

  • Debate: Secrecy or Transparency in Congress?

    James D’Angelo (Congressional Research Institute) and Peter Loge (Professor, George Washington University) debate whether secrecy or transparency will help depolarize Congress.