• Share Our America Initiative

      REDUCING POLARIZATION IN OUR COUNTRY — PERSON BY PERSON, COMMUNITY BY COMMUNITY.   Share Our America is a national initiative — rooted in local communities — that brings Americans together across our differences to build empathy, understanding, respect, and trust.

  • Dani Cimorelli-Calleiro | POVz Exclusivez: Episode #5

    We’re breaking echo chambers LIVE on camera for the world to see! POVz, the first-ever Gen Z talk show, blasts controversial topics from multiple perspectives, by young people, for young people. Hosted by TC’s Founder and CEO, Sophie Beren gets deep with celebrities to amplify their personal experiences on POVz: Exclusivez. In this interview, Dani…

  • Statistical Analysis of US Hot Spot Cities

    This very thorough document provides critical data concerning major US cities that are prone to experience various forms of violence, derived from the Armed Conflict and Location Event Data (ACLED) project, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) H.E.A.T. map, Uniform, Crime, Reporting (UCR) program and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

  • Extreme Gerrymanders

    A report which highlights 12 examples of how state legislators have drawn unfair maps for partisan gain over the next decade.

  • Swamp Stories Ep. 38: Protecting Our Neighbors

    Current and former election officials talk about the threats they and other election workers have received since the 2020 election, and the problematic trend of election administration being politicized across the country, with Swamp Stories host Weston Wamp.

  • Common Grounds?

    Film premiere of “Common Grounds?” documentary and discussion