• American Future Stories

    In this land of promised opportunity, our nation seems to be falling short. The media provides dire warnings about what is likely to happen if “our people don’t win,” as if we just have to survive the end of the world. The rapid pace of change has and will continue to radically transform our lives….

  • Unbiased News or a Balanced News Diet – What Do We Really Want?

    Unbiased news: is it even possible? One of the premises of AllSides is that it is not — everyone is biased.

  • Persuasion Tactics the Media Uses to Sway You

    While it’s the media’s duty to try to be objective and unbiased, there’s no denying the immense profit media outlets and their owners stand to gain from persuading us. The media can be persuasive in order to get you to vote, behave, buy, or think differently.

  • Inside AllSides: What is the Enemy of Trust in the Media?

    At AllSides, we often say filter bubbles — the digital chambers in which people only see info that confirms their prior beliefs — are one of the main issues standing between the polarized public and a more civil society. But does it go deeper than that?

  • Is Democracy in Peril? Where the Left and Right Disagree

    Liberals and conservatives are both concerned about democracy’s decline, but point to very different issues and hold vastly different perspectives about why that is.

  • Are You an Engaged Citizen or a Political Hobbyist?

    If you read AllSides, you’re probably more politically informed than the average American — but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re actually engaging with your community. You could be practicing what Tufts University professor Eitan Hersh calls “political hobbyism”: consuming politics as if it were entertainment.